Tour packages

The long Canal Tour
Håverud-Bengtsfors or vice versa.
Boat & Train,  470 SEK

The half Canal Trip
Håverud-Långbron or vice versa.
Boat & Train,  420 SEK

The short Canal Trip
Bengtsfors-Långbron or vice versa.
Boat & Train,  290 SEK


Boat ticket

Håverud – Bengtsfors or vice versa,  365 SEK
Håverud – Långbron or vice versa,  350 SEK
Långbron – Bengtsfors or vice versa,  225 SEK


The Main Course: Warm smoked salmon from Håverud´s smokehouse accompanied by potatoes, salad, summer herb sauce, bread&butter   160 SEK

Children 0-6 yrs pay 25 % for boat/train and lunch.

7-12 yrs pay 50 % for boat/train and lunch.

Akvedukten i Håverud

The Unique Aqueduct in Håverud

Mås vid babordsprick

Gulls at the entrance to the port


A different present
Surprise your friends with a gift voucher for a trip on M/S Storholmen, including a visit to the

unique aqueduct in Håverud. A boat dating from 1896 it is the oldest operating tourist boat on the Dalsland Canal.

The boat trip lasts for five hours and passes through 16 locks before arriving at Håverud aqueduct.

The voucher price is SEK 610.- per person and includes the boat trip with lunch and return train trip back to the departure point.

To order call 070-541 06 33 or send an email to
Defibrillator onboard

We have a defibrillator on board for your safety.